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Pre loved - mixed fabrics

Pre loved - mixed fabrics

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This beautiful styling piece has a special story. This one we made of our fave pre loved items. Our fave camouflage jacket, knitted skirt, our pink lovely maxi dress we wore and some cute tops are in it. This is really an exclusive strap with a limited stock you can imagine so when it’s sold out it’s really sold out. 

The strap is handmade in Bali. The strap is sustainable, because the tailor used only our pre loved clothes. We used real leather and we combined this with the golden clips to get this upgraded look.

Yours will be one of a kind, and every piece wIll be a little different because it’s all handmade and made of the different fashion items. The color range will be the same.

special note: This unique bySiss phone strap is suitable for every phone (case). IOS and Android. We only advice a hardcover case. The only thing you need is our phone connector which you will receive from us with your order!! 

The strap is also suitable to attach to your fave bag or camera. So it’s a 3 in 1.

Will you tag us @prettypiecesbySiss when wearing it? Love to see it on you girls. X M&E


Extra note: the strap will get more vintage when wearing it and we totally love that. Your pretty piece will be specially made for you in Bali so be patient we expect to deliver your pretty one within 2 weeks and then it will be forever yours.


made with love

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