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pretty pieces bySiss

Smile - colored crochet

Smile - colored crochet

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This pretty orange phone lanyard is a happy one and totally hand knitted with so much love in Bali. Delivery worldwide within 2 weeks.

We designed this pretty one special to spread kindness and happy feelings all over the world.

The strap is finished with two strings and it’s possible to tie these ends to every phone case.. So this orange cutie pie phone strap is suitable for every phone.

The phone case will not be delivered with it so you can add your own fave case. Or shop our pretty phone cover.

The strap is double layered and wearable on both sides. The strap is also nice to attach to your camera, keys or fave bag/clutch.

So it’s a 4 in 1.

Will you tag us @prettypiecesbySiss when wearing it?

Love to see it on you girls. X M&E

Details: the strap is 95 cm long and suitable to wear also across body.

extra note: This unique bySiss phone strap is suitable for every phone (case). IOS and Android. 

The only thing you need is a phone connector like the heart bracelet that is also available in our shop.. also you can attach all necklaces to our pretty pink confetti phone case. She has special rings to attach your pretty phone necklace. Our pretty confetti phone case is also available in our online shop.

Your pretty piece will be specially made for you in Bali we expect to deliver your pretty one within 2 weeks and then it will be forever yours.

made with love

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